Friday, May 4, 2012

What If...

What if…
1.       I was seven feet tall?
2.       I hadn’t met Ashley?**
3.       I was an only child?
4.       I had stayed in softball?
5.       Concentrated harder in high school?**
6.       Was a better influence on my siblings?
7.       I was an astronaut?
8.       I was an internationally known Dub-step deejay?**
9.       I could fly?
10.   I was a Roman gladiator?
11.   I grew up in the jungle?
12.   Was a professional MMA fighter?
13.   I wasn’t a lesbian?
14.   My mom was my sister?
15.   My real father and I talked?
16.   I had grown up in a big city?
17.   Was a child of a president?
18.   Was the wealthiest person alive?
19.   Was in the biggest rock band ever?
20.   I owned my own record label?
21.   I discovered another planet identical to earth?
22.   I developed an alternative to gasoline?
23.   I lived with the dinosaurs?
24.   I had super strength?
25.   I was raised in Miami with my family?

If I had stayed in softball instead of worrying about parties and my friends, I would have been able to pick from the scholarships I got to play ball at a university. I would already be two years into my college degree and a lot farther down my path to success. I would also be in a lot better shape because I would have been working out with the ball team. I know that if I had just stuck it out a few more weeks instead of goofing off, I wouldn’t have lost my scholarships and I would be a proud member of a university ball team. I know that I would have got All-State title and my college would be paid for. Now, since I made bad decisions in high school, I have to live with the consequences and work hard to make my way through college so I can pay all of my loans back. I wish that I had just kept my eyes on my dream. I had always wanted to play college ball and I worked very hard at it. I traveled gar to go to seminars and learn new techniques and I even lived with my ball coach when I was homeless to ensure that I would have a ride to school and practice every day. Then one day during my senior year ball season, I lost sight of what I had been working so hard for. I hope that when I transfer to MSU that I can try out for their ball team and be a positive asset to their team and get to live one of the dreams that I have had since I was just learning to play ball. I know that if I had another chance I would work a thousand times harder and I wouldn’t let my team down again.

                If everyone died but me the world would be very depressing for a while but after I got used to being alone world would be my playground. I would move into the biggest coolest house I found and I would find a really nice expensive car to drive anywhere I wanted to go because gas would be free. I would do all sorts of things like go stay in the White House and shoot it up with paintballs, or climb to the top of the Sears Tower and drop bowling balls on cars below.  I would go stand at the top of the Grand Canyon and yell as loud as I could because no one else would be around.  I’d hook my electric guitar up and jam as loud as I could inside the biggest concert halls in America. I’d go to the biggest clubs there are and party all night myself with no alcohol cut off time and pretend to talk to all the “new” people I would meet. I would go to the mall of America and get dressed up in all the best clothes even though no one would see me. I would carve my face into the mountain next to all the presidents. I would steal a pet monkey from the zoo.

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