Friday, May 4, 2012


Frank is and androgynous creature.  It is a caring parent as it keeps its young in its lower pouch. It is a mix between a monkey and a cat but looks somewhat like a legless yeti. They get around by hopping with their lower torso and can be found living in trees, as it is easier for them to climb and swing with their long arms. These creatures normally dwell in the jungle areas of South America but occasionally are discovered other places as the result of humans capturing them as pets and finding that they are extremely hard to domesticate, unless you live in a tree. They favorite foods are berries and fruits that they gather and they get their main source of protein from eating insects they find crawling in their living areas. They usually always travel in groups, if they travel. Normally the family stays in one general area for most of their lives except in instances where they have run out their resources for the season and must find a new living area to forage in. The pack of these androgynous creatures usually have a “leader” that is the oldest to give wisdom to others and another “leader” who is the strongest to help protect the family and/or lead them in a battle to protect themselves.

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