Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Its crazy how one thing can happen as the rusult of an emotional tornado. This one thing can make you or break you. They found me close to death...covered in the liquid grief that I was trying to relieve myself of. Sometimes it feels like the world has too much stress to possibly deal with. But I know that if God didnt allow me to give up then obviously I have a bigger purpose. Now it is my job to figure out what that purpose is. I guess I should explain my views on "God". I dont see Him as a being because anything Godly couldnt possibly have the flaws of a being. I veiw "God" more of Yahweh, the ultimate "I AM". Its the universal spirit that everyone has in them whether they want to deny it or not. I think this whole "Religion" battle is dead. Its useless. What are we fighting for? In all our different paths, we all ultimately believe that we will go to a Heaven. Some of us have religious "rules" to follow to get there...which I think is absolutely absurd. I believe that as long as we truely believe in the higher power that created all things and believe that he sent a son to die for our sins and give us the opportunity to clense ourselves for the mortalities of sin that we will get to experience the beautiful afterlife that this higher being created for us. He made all of us equal. With the choice to do good or bad. He could come in and make us do exactly what He wants of us, but then how would he prove to Lucifer, His most beautiful of all angels, that His own children will choose Him over doing evil and living in chaos. Yahweh wouldnt even have created Lucifer if he didnt want the challenge to prove to all organisms, big and small, that He is the ultimate being, the giver and taker of life. Giving us the choice to choose our own fate just proves how fair He is, and giving us chance after chance shows His mercy and His love for all of his children. After all isnt that what a Father does? Forgives his children and loves them with all of his heart no matter what. Yahweh even loves his son Lucifer. He loves all of the angels that he so beautifully created and had to painfully cast out of the Heavens. And for those who dont believe in Yahweh, dont believe in I AM, then just know that even the demons shake in fear with the knowledge of GOD! They believe in Him or they wouldnt have a purpose of being a demon would they? Just as you believe in the wind, you should believe in I AM. How could such a beautiful harmoneous place just have been "banged" together? It took devine power and beauty and thought and creativeness to peice this breath taking life together. to map out the paths of each child, yet give them the opportunity to stray. Gosh what and amazing thing it is to know that I AM allows us to break away from His righteousness just so that when we come back to Him we appriciate His unending love and mercy that much more. My point is, With religion being dead, why cant we just come together and realize as one that we are all ofter the same thing. We all have to do right to get there. So why not come together and just be good and kind to one another as brothers and sisters on this earth. Send out good energy, vibes and karma. Get a beautiful universal energy and flow rollng through these oceans and mountains all across the globe, just like it used to be before the existance of human opinion and human destruction. Can you imagine the world without humans? Perfectly unscathed and harmoneous. How peaceful would that be? Unfortunately we will not be able to reverse the pain and destruction we have forced upon this glorious earth with our human error. Thats why Yahweh, I AM, has given us the opportunity at second life in a perfect place. But only for those of us who realize that there is more and that I AM has given us more. I feel pained to think of all the lost souls that dont know this faith that I know and trust. But you know what? Yahweh will give them chance after chance after chance...I believe He re-births us unto the earth to try and try again. He is our Father and will not let us fail and he will not give up on us. We just have to put up FAITH for Him. I will NOT be silent about my beliefs. I will shout them from the rooftop. And let everyone challenge my faith, I will do nothing but come back at them with MORE faith. And if I ever run out of words, I KNOW that my I AM, will give me the knowledge to keep going. I could go on and on for hours about this topic, but I will leave it at this for now. Food for thought...FOOD FOR FAITH. After all, isnt it better to believe in something your whole life that makes you a better person, and find out that theres nothing after this life, than believe there is nothing after this life, do nothing to better yourself or your world, and find out that there IS somthing more glorious after this life? Wouldnt that just be a shame.

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  1. Thea - I hope you will keep writing after the semester is over and also stay in touch. Our family thinks and sees that you have a purpose, even if you do not. Sometimes you have to trust that others see things cleared than you do. This is true for all of us. ~Ms. A.