Friday, May 25, 2012

If you would like to throw away something good for something that isnt worth a damn, then be my guest. I started college to better my life because I wanted to show you that I can make something myself. But now I realize that I didnt need you to push me forward. I have all the strength I need to become an amazing person. I hope that your future is bright with your new girl and her high school drop out ass. She absolutely has nothing to offer you. But by the time you realize that you will never go forward in life with her...I'll be long gone. I have so much to offer, and I'm taking it somewhere else. One day a woman will come along and appreciate me for who I am, the love I have to offer, instead of the money and things I own. She will see all the good in me and when you see us pass by in the street, I hope you realize what you gave up and honestly I HOPE IT HURTS. I hope it hurts just as bad is it did when you threw our year long relationship down the drain for someone who is going nowhere in life and shattered my heart. Thanks for being the only woman I open up to and ruining it all. Its going to take time for me to heal...but I will and I will be stronger when its all said and done....A REAL woman will recognize. AND I'M SORRY THAT AINT YOU!

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