Friday, May 4, 2012


Jim started off young  when he first started getting into trouble.  He often found himself frustrated with his self because he felt as if no one was there for him. After all he did lose his parents as a baby. He figured that if he caused trouble he would get attention from somebody. All he really ever wanted to experience, seemed impossible. He takes his hat off his shaggy brown hair and scratches his head. He has been confused most of his life about how to go about bettering bad situations. He became a very social guy in high school and never got embarrassed when people asked questions about his distraught life. His long skinny body showed signs of hunger, as he always had to fend for himself. Anxiously he waits for someone to come along and show him that he deserves to have the family he always dreamed of. Now he is an old, bald man with many years of wisdom in his eyes and a scruffy grey beard to match. He shuffled over and concentrated on the picture of his wife and kids and grandchildren. You could tell he had grown from being a lost young boy to a grown man. He fell in love with the perfect woman and became leader of the family he once dreamed of just being included in. The well put together old man peered over his glasses with tired eyes at his perfect family and drifted off into sleep while listening to the slams of the screen door from the grandkids running in and out. He felt perfect right there.

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