Monday, May 7, 2012

We are going to miss you so much. The joy you brought to each and every person you knew is irreplacable. You were truely the most understanding and kind soul that I knew. Although I didnt know you but a little over a year, the times we spent together were always a blast :) I know God must have needed a strong angel in His army because he welcomed the strongest most genuine of us home. It's crazy that he always takes the best...leaving the rest of us here to wonder what our world will come too without you here. Your name will live on everyday in our hearts and your memory will never be forgotton. Im going to spread your kindness by always being there for our fiends just like you were to us. You have touched so many people with your beautiful personality and lets not forget those gorgeous eyes and amazing smile that everyone loved. Especially me. Haha. It's going to be a change not seeing you when we all get together like we do, and even more strange to not have you on the dance floor with us. Were doing the best we can to give back to your family. I know you can see us down here causing all sorts of ruckus to raise money to help. Its amazing to see everyone put their differences aside and come together for one common cause. And honey that's you. You have truely brought us together and helped us realize that life is too short to make a fuss about the little things and that we always need to be there for eachother, because one day we might regret not making things right when one of us gets called home. It's just too bad that it took this to make us realize. The truth will come out about why and how...and I hope and pray that who ever did this comes forward and asks for forgiveness so that one day they can feel the love from our Father that you are feeling now. Were trying to keep strong down here. Its going to be a long hard journey for everyone to be at peace with the fact that your gone forever. But knowing that you are in a much better place watching over us eases my mind as I'm sure it does others. Rest In Peace beautiful Nadia Veres. Always in our hearts. <3

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