Friday, May 4, 2012

slang assignment

                One day two BroBro’s decided they wanted to do something crazy. Jayce and Adien grew up together on the same street. Jayce always made people laugh with his goofy personality, but he always knew the right times to be serious. He was very cautious about things he did and he often spent much time analyzing decisions. Adien, on the other hand, could trip over nothing and he never thought about things before he did them. Many times Jayce found that he needed to be a leader and help Adien out of the messes that he seemed to cause.  Aye Dude, we should go ballin down at the courts,” said Jayce. “For sure, that sounds awesome. Lets go wild,” replied Adien as he tore out the door, forgetting the last step at the end of the porch. As the BroBros were stuntn down to the courts Jayce told Adien about how his Mum called him “honey love”  in front of his girlfirend. “Ur kidding?!  That’s wack,”said Adien. “S’kay, she just gets crazy weird sometimes,”responded Jayce. “Mmmm, cool story bro. Haha Jk,” mouthed Adien.  As they reached the courts they saw some kids bear grills and showing off on the courts. “They look kind of good huh?” said Adien. “They look aight,” altered Jayce. They looked over at them and simultaneously asked them “What’s poppin?” “What the crap?!” Adien said as he noticed he stepped in dog crap. Jayce piped up, “That’s nap town!  Lets get outta this place and clean you up before you get into anything else.” “Whatever man.  Thankies for that idea,” Adien said as they walked off leaving a scent trail behind them.

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