Sunday, June 16, 2013

Use me and abuse me,
Pull my strings just for a thrill.
I will take it like a man,
swallow lifes hard pill.

You need time to find yourself,
Ill give you space to fly.
As long as you fly back to me
before the day I die.

I understand ur flame for life,
even I have desires.
Ill always support ur dreams,
never put out that fire.

Right now, somehow, it seems
ur a million miles away.
But that doesn't stop my heart from beating
for you every single day.

Through the longest most cold winter,
To the most steamy summer heat,
Ill walk a million miles to you
In my determined two bare feet.

I pray one day again
That I may call you mine,
Until then my heart &soul
will never quite be fine.

So 'til then be free my dear,
& have no fear, for I'm always here
One phone call no matter the time
& you know ill be right there.

You are my Angel thru and thru.
And to me you will forever be.
So til then I patiently wait,
for you to come home to me.