Friday, May 4, 2012

Gay Marriage

I believe same-sex marriage should be legalized in all states because everyone has the right to marry who they want. Gay marriage has no effect on all these fanatics against gay marriage. Most people that are against gay marriage are only against it because of their religion. Gay marriage isn’t going to ruin the marriage of two straight people. Marriage is a religious ceremony as is and I don’t think that the government has any sort of right to interfere with that. Since the government allows us the right to practice freedom of religion, does that mean gay men and woman would have to start their own church in order to practice marriage?  The gay men and women in our armed forces can’t even have their partners come with them if they get stationed in or near a military base because they can’t get married. I don’t think that it’s very fair that gay men and women can die to protect the freedoms and rights of the citizens but don’t even have to right to get married.
 The government is trying to define marriage for what reason? The definition of marriage isn’t going to help the issue of gay marriage. I don’t think the government should have the right to even put a definition to the word or act of “marriage”. I feel like that should be life between the two people who want to get “married”. No should need the approval of government to spend their lives with the person they love. That is just an interference into our private lives. No one should be allowed to stop gay men and women from marrying who they wish because I believe that is a private and personal matter and everyone has their right to privacy.
People against gay marriage argue about divorce rates and how allowing gay marriage would only increase it, but since gay marriage is only allowed in several states, obviously a huge majority of the divorces are between two straight people. I don’t see why divorce rate is even an issue when talking about gay marriage because the right for gays to marry is a fairly new topic in today’s political world so divorces between gays are very few and far between right now because only a few states allow them to marry.
If gay marriage was legal it could do a lot of good for society. Since gay couples cannot have children, there will be more adoptions, offering stable environments to needy children with no families.  Children would also grow up learning that love is love no matter what and develop good values for society and family life.  Denying anyone the right to marry is discriminatory and this issue needs to be resolved by simply allowing people to live their private love lives how they prefer.

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