Friday, May 4, 2012

I have never...

An experience that I have never had is being able to go to Italy. I have always wanted to go to Italy to see the rich history. I am particularly interested in going to Rome to see some of the earliest recorded history on the earth. I think it is just so beautiful there and I think it would be really impacting. I hope to one day take my significant other there because I personally think it would be very romantic. Another reason I want to go there is because I am a big fan of Jersey Shore, and the things that the cast got to do there just looked and seemed amazing. I would like to take a tour of all the historical spots and see all the historical art. I have always wanted to learn Italian just so when I go there I can feel like everyone from there. I think that their culture is very rich and interesting. Plus I love Italian food too. It is one of my favorite cultural foods to eat, especially pizza. Also I think it would be very rewarding and memorable to tour the historical places of Greece because the Roman and Greek empire almost go hand in hand and I find that part of history to be the most interesting to me. If I could visit those places before I die I would feel like I had one of my biggest dreams come true. Ever since I was a child and heard the mythological stories of the gods and goddesses, I have always wanted to see this place for myself. Those stories were always the imagination of my mind. While most kids where playing house growing up, I was pretending to rule empires.

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