Friday, May 4, 2012

Middle School Football

When I was in middle school I decided to be different and be the only girl to play on the tackle football team. When I went to Santa Fe Middle School a lot of the boys on the team gave me a hard time for it. But I ignored them and played the best I could and was one of the few on the field most of the game.  When I moved to California Missouri I decided to try out for their tem too. Surprisingly no one made a huge deal f it and the coaches were all for having me play.  I think part of the reason was because my Uncle Austin was on the High School football team and took them to state tree years in a row. Plus in middle school the girls are usually bigger than most of the boys. I ended up being on the field the whole time for all the games because I beat two boys out of their starting spots. One was the guard on offense and the other was a lineman on defense. I even was on special teams for kicks, punts and returns because I was fast down the field. I ended up having my own cheering section that made hot pick shirts with my last name and jersey number on them. At the end of the season the coaches recognized me by having the Columbus Comets, an all-female football team, come down and present me with an autographed t-shirt and a motivational poster they had put together for me. It felt really good to have a whole community back me up on something that most people would be against. However, when I was asked the question if I would play in high school, my answer was no. partly because softball season ran at the same time. The other reason was because the guys were so big.

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