Friday, May 4, 2012

Pigeon Impossible...Bagel POV

I have just begun my short life. Baked fresh this morning I was already out the door in an agents hand soon to be in his digested breakfast, or so I thought. As we are crossing the street he seems to be a little clumsy crossing traffic and almost running into a tree. I start to wonder what my fate will truly be. I just wanted to follow in the footsteps of all other bagels. I notice him and another agent hand off a silver suitcase. The agent sits on the bench and takes a bite out of me as a bird looks over as if to ask for a piece of me. The agent breaks off a crumb and gives it to the bird but the bird wants more so he starts attacking him and I get dropped on the dirty ground and the bird accidentally trapped his self in the agent’s suitcase. Next thing I see, the bird has the suitcase hopping around and shooting at people and all of a sudden the case starts flying around blasting cars! The agent grabs me up to coax the bird into stop running crazy with the case and tries to get him to get out of it. Finally the bird notices me being waved high above the agents head. The agent holds me over a fire and it starts to get hot as he threatens the bird with my incineration. He goes to lay me on the ground and I feel a little better but then he throws me so high in the air and I’m spinning every direction and I come crashing down on the big red button in the case that sets off a missile! Now I’m trapped in a dark case and the agent is flying it and I’m terrified because I have no idea what is going on outside. I can hear the clicking of an empty gun and then all of a sudden the case pops open and everything is so bright and I look down to see that I am thousands of feet off the ground and I’m plummeting back to Earth while being chased by that darn bird. I hit the ground so hard and the bird starts pecking away at me again. I see the agent make it safely back to the ground and take off down the sidewalk. I hear a sharp whistling and quickly look up to see the missile coming right towards the bird and I and…

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