Friday, May 4, 2012

tell the truth as if it were a lie

It was a beautiful day in New Orleans. I was shopping at the River Walk Mall and had just walked out the doors when I heard all sorts of sirens sounding and people running like Godzilla was coming! I started to freak out at first, I’ll admit, but shortly after the New Orleans Fire Department showed up I heard someone yell “Quiet on the set!” Then Denzel Washington walks out of the crowd. You could almost hear the whole crowds breaths being taken away. I could immediately tell it was him because I’m the biggest Denzel fan that there is. I made my way into the crowd and got real close to the river where I could see him real good. I pulled out my camera and tried to take a bunch of pictures of him, but in every one of the pictures you can only see the back of his head. Anyway, turns out that that’s when he was making the movie Déjà vu! It’s like the best movie ever. If you watch it and pause it just right in the scene where everyone is looking at the riverboat, you can see the left side of my face as I watch the scene being shot over and over again. Then as if that wasn’t crazy enough, later that night I was eating at the Hard Rock Café and I drank too much strawberry lemonade, so I politely excused myself and I was walking down the hall to the bathroom looking at the memorabilia when who comes out of the men’s room? Denzel Washington!

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