Friday, May 4, 2012

The most important...

The most important possession I have on me right now is my cell phone. This is very important to me because I can access my emails for school and keep up with my assignments. I can also get on my Facebook and talk to all of my family and friends. What I like most about my cell phone is that I can download all the music that I need to learn for my performances. I can also download tablature for my guitar if I need to learn a new song.  I constantly have my headphones on listening to music because it makes the day go by smoother and motivates me and keeps a smile on my face.
What I like to do the most on my phone is text my girlfriend and make sure her days are going well until I can get home to see her. I make sure that she is okay and I know that if anything goes wrong and she is to need me I can be home in five minutes to help her with whatever the problem may be.
Another great thing about my phone is I have an application where I can write and save all my files under password protection and it is all backed up to the internet. I use this application to write lyrics down as I come up with them throughout the day, then at the end of the week, or whenever I can find time, I go back into my files and I put my lyrics together according to style, genre and what the lyrics are about. Most the time my lyrics are about everyday life, the ups and downs and how amazing it is to have someone that truly loves me, by my side. I would have to say that music is one of the greatest joys in my life.
Ashley Clayton. Ashley is an amazingly strong young woman who has fought and is still fighting her way through many adversities, yet she still has the strength to carry other people through their hard times.  Even though she goes to school every day, she still comes home and takes care of her two younger sisters, cooking their dinners and helping them with homework, even giving her baby sister a bath and tucking her into bed before she even worries about herself and the work she has to do for the next day at school. Amazingly, she always pulls through and gets it done and is an amazing student. In the mornings she even has to get her siblings ready for school and see to it that they get there safely. Even through all these responsibilities she still makes time to come see me and support me with the many things that I do. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for her telling me that I could make it to college and through college, I wouldn’t be sitting here in this class writing about her. She even makes time to come to my shows and smile at me from off stage, helping take the stage fright away. She tells me every day how proud of me she is and that she knows I can continue doing better and better. She is a truly motivational and inspirational woman.

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