Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kayla Nicole Dugan AKA: Dugan...I dont think I could miss a friend more than I miss this girl. Its been way too long. Dugan and I go way back...I was 13 when I first met her. Although I dont think I have ever gotten into anymore trouble with anyone but this girl, she has done some amazing things for my life. Since day one she was my best friend. She helped me realized I shouldnt care about what people thought of me. She said I just just be my "real self" and if anyone didnt like it they werent my "real freind". She helped me find the courage to tell my family that i am a lesbian and even the strength to come out to everyone in my school. Because she influenced me to be myself, my ife was a thousand times easier. I didnt have to work hard to hide who i was anymore. I even made new friends that were going through the same things and helped encourage them to be themselves. Even though she has been gone for two years, I know that as soon as I see her it will be like no time was ever lost. We will be "Puppet Master & Prince Teddy" again soon. I rememeber running that old town of California. Had those girls runnin laps for us and the guys wishin they could be us. Some great times on the bridge with some bottles and a fire, singin songs like we were famous rock-stars. Ha! One day. Heres to one of the best friends a kid could have growing up to an adult. See you in six days when you get out, Bro!

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