Monday, February 27, 2012

I think the whole world could do without money and just go co-op. If everyone just concentrated on one trait they could perform, then everyone could just trade to survive. Everyone could grow their own food and develop a sense of survival. People would have to lean on each other for support in times of struggle and I think it would ultimately bring the world closer together. I believe money is one of the biggest factors in the world’s evils.
If I came to class and Ms. A gave me a thousand dollars, I would use it to get into my own one bedroom apartment so I could stop stressing out about where  I am going to sleep and when I’m going to have peace and quiet to study. I wouldn’t have to worry about rude roommates coming in at all hours of the night intoxicated and waking me up. I would, for once in my life, have a place all to myself where I can relax and feel comfortable. I could control everything that happens in my apartment and I wouldn’t have to stress anymore. I could tell people to get out when I wanted to be alone. I could play my guitar and sing at the top of my lungs. I could blast the music in the bathroom when I’m getting ready. I could cook my meals whenever I wanted and no one could tell me a darn thing.
If I had a million dollars I would buy a house and pay it all off, that way I had a place that is my own forever that no one could ever kick me out of. I would buy a nice reliable car with good gas mileage so I could visit my family more often. I would pay my schooling off so I didn’t have to worry about paying back loans years down the line. I would build my own recording studio and have all the equipment I needed to start my dubstep production company. I would also buy a business van and portable deejaying equipment so I could mobilize my music productions company. I would build a little radio station onto my studio so I could have a broadcasting business on the side and that would also give me easy access to put new music right on the air for listeners to hear. With that millions dollars I would have built my permanent home, my business and my dream career.
What I notice about myself and the way I view money is the fact that I only want to use it to better my life in positive ways such as my own place to concentrate on school, or get my dream business going. If I was to receive all that money, I wouldn’t just blow it and give up on my life. I would set myself up in a very positive position to be successful in the career path I have chosen. That doesn’t mean the work ends. That means the work is just beginning. Even though I think money is the biggest cause of evil and hunger for power, the fact is that the world still has to run somehow and right now that is a monetary system. So instead of going crazy over money, I would use what I was given to invest in my future so I could make it better for myself and my family and future family.


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