Monday, February 13, 2012

I believe that my mother has always done the best she can.
My mother was barely 15 when she had me. She had options but the fact that she chose to keep me and raise me herself at that age says a lot about a mother's love. Although times got hard in life, she always did whatever she had to to make sure that us kids were okay. Even in times when she was in prison she made sure that we had everything we needed. I remember living with Grandpa and Grandma W. when my mom was away. She would write letters all the time and I was so young I didnt know how to read them so they would read them to me and I would always get this lump in my throat because I could feel her love sinking through my skin with words that she said. When I got to live with her she did everything for all four of us kids. She was a busy woman with all of our practices and such. When times were hard she would hustle to get the things we needed. Seeing that opened my eyes to a whole new world. Things werent amazing out there in the world, but my mother was doing the best she could to make everything amazing in ours. Shes so brave too. She heard about my fathers abuse towards me and drove two hours to pick me up from school so I didnt have to go home to him. They said I was "abducted" and there was an amber alert out for me and the police even set up a road block trying to anticipate our path home. Never once did she regret that. We were riding with the windows down feeling like outlaws and that was when I first realized the stregth and bravery in a mothers love. I dont think that I could have ever made it this far in life if my mother hadnt taught me to be a fighter and if you want something, you better just take it because no one is going to hand you anything for free. And if you cant afford it you better bust your butt and hustle hard to get it. My mother is honestly the strongest woman I know.

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