Friday, February 10, 2012

How are you connected?
I am connected to many different things in many different ways. We can start with places...Im connected to  Cuba from my mothers side of the family. Germany on my dads side. Cherokee indian from my grandmother and grandfather. People? Im connected to people who share the same love for music as me. People who I perform drag with. Im connected with a few of my classmates. Im connected to friends who like to go out. Friends who play ball. Friends who I have known for years. people Ive gotten in trouble with. Some of us share connections by doing the same tradition every year, such as my friends that I go floating and camping with. Some of us are connected because we were all close to someone that we lost and feel the same emptyness and pain. We can even be connected to people we dont even know such as someone going through the same struggles as you.  I have made connections with people my coming together to better a saituation, such as the time my friends and I went and stayed in an old shelter with other kids from all across the country to come together and help the poeple and children out after hurricane Katrina. although I will probably never see the kids that helped beside me or the kids that we helped, but I know I will always have that connection with them. I guess a lot of connections are memories. Ours or our families or friends. Connections can be heritage, or something that you just have in common with another. Connections that help better the world...we are all connected...we just have to web it out.

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