Monday, August 11, 2014

'Freedom, Liberty & Justice Doesn't Live Here."

We live in a backwards world, where our veterans live in the streets.
Single parents work 2 jobs & still can’t make ends meet.

College kids trying to struggle through their 20 hour days.
Even with their degree, they’re still making minimum wage.

Families getting put on the curb, because Dad done lost his job.
They sold the factory to different country, now Americas getting robbed.

We let our government run our lives without a second thought.
And abandon our sick & elderly in nursing homes to rot.

You're hurt? Too bad. Can’t see the doc without that Medicaid.
People wait in line to sell their plasma just to barely get paid.

Gangs are shooting at each other trying to claim a block.
Taking innocent lives so they can try to move that rock.

Dealers & hustlers are in the streets, preying on the weak.
Kids stomachs growling all day long because they have nothing to eat.

Bullies pushing kids to suicide in many of our schools.
Parents must have forgot to teach their children about The Golden Rule.

People are discriminated for loving someone the same sex.
Taking away rights to have emotion? What will they take way next?

Teenagers go out hookin’, getting paid to to catch those AIDS.
And the junkies in the trap, shooting up to feel a daze.

Stoners spending life in prison for buying or selling pot.
But parents locking kids in cars are free, knowing damn well that its too hot.

Pedophiles are roaming free, living on every street.
And a homeless man just got locked up for stealing socks to warm his feet.

Trigger happy cops are sent to violate our rights.
Oh they shot someone dead again just because he’s not white?

What happened to the oath they took to ‘protect and serve’?
Violence won’t fix violence, hasn't anybody learned?

We’ve forgotten our intentions, our American dream.
Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, now doesn't mean a thing.

We used to be the greatest, what the hell happened to us?
Allowing selfish politicians to run a government we can't even trust.

United we stand, they say? No. Divided we all fall.
We can't even establish the same rights and freedoms for all.

Its time to take back our home & reclaim the ‘Land of the Free’.
Run this country like it was founded and meant to be.

With liberty & justice, through this country we’ll retrod,
And again become an indivisible nation under God.

Teddy Payton

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