Wednesday, September 26, 2012

See, what I have to offer is unmistakable, undeniable. Its original and down to earth. Its real, its honest, its blunt and its persistent. It has been said to be short lived but Baby, I want you to be my last "first". If anyone in this world can make it its us. We may be a little unprepared but thats what taking chances are all about. Were gonna make mistakes, but were gonna learn from them and move forward instead of walking away. Thats whats going to make us real. Thats whats going to be our glue, keep us bound together. We deserve this chance, this opportunity to show the world that there is such a thing as love and it can be true.

When I look at you, I dont only see the memories that we made yesterday, or the weeks or months before that. I also see the millions of memories we are going to make and for once, Im not afraid to grow old because I know that I will be growing old with you. We will watch our families grow and generation after generation sprout new and anew again. Many houses, backyards and bar-b-ques. Slammed doors and scraped knees. Hot summers and stormy nights with you in my arms. Cold Christmas mornings and loud New Years with heart-skipping midnight kisses. We will build a castle out of our memories by hand and 50 years from now were going to look back and smile on all the many years spent together and the memories we have enjoyed with one another. We will be able to say we lived a life worth living all because we had someone who loved us with no boundaries and stayed through all the ups and downs and really truly cares. Someone to love us right, hold us through the night and give us kisses to the rising son. We have found each other and if you let me...Id like to stay right here with you and start building my forever. I love you Babygirl...more than all the stars in the sky****<3

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