Monday, July 23, 2012

As the summer passes by, I realize more and more about myself as I truely start to develop into the person I am going to be the rest of my life. The world is full of disapointments with even fewer moments of happy surprise. I have quickly learned that I make my own luck. Only I have the power to let myself down but what is satisfaction anyway? The void in my life, I have found, can only be filled with a sense of freedom and optimism. Is extremely hard to narrow myself down to a specific path as I am terrified of being held down. Maybe thats why I am a runner. I don't run when things get hard because I am a fighter, but I flee when things become too easy and comfortable. Is this common? Or am I the only one who would feel more fulfilled if I dont stop turning my wheels? So here I sit...thinking about my's a good thing I still wonder about this place and these people. Where would I run to next if I had it all figured out here? Maybe I'll always live searcing for new inspirations and aspirations...I'll never have all the answers...but I will never feel comfortable with what I already know. I have to keep going...  Here I am...for now.

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